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Through the Eye of a Lion

Kelsey Stacy

Through the Eye of a Lion

Motivation. It is found within the depths of our souls and serves as the
reason why we do or do not do something. I am sure many of you have
heard others talk about this concept before in some facet of your lives, but
have you ever broken this concept down and found your motivation? For
starters, let me share with you my motivation. I have had many forms of
motivation in my life, whether it was to please someone or to improve in a
particular skill, but nothing could prepare me for the motivation I discovered
when I was overseas. I was stationed in Fort Bliss, Texas for the first two
months of my deployment for training. During the first two weeks of this
training, my now ex-fiancée broke up with me over text the day my
grandmother lost her battle with Alzheimer’s. That was only the beginning.
Not only was I miles away from home dealing with a broken heart, my
leadership and I were having a hard time getting along. I missed my family,
my civilian life, and most importantly my freedom. As one of my NCO’s
(Noncommissioned Officers) described it, I was a “sad country song.” All
jokes aside, I was overweight, unmotivated, and broken down on the
inside. After a phone call with my younger sister Riley, something inside of
me had awoken. I had found my motivation, my family to include my little
sister. If it wasn’t enough to fix my life because of them, I wanted to do it for
myself. I wanted to dig myself out of the pit I had created, so I went to the
gym and watched what I ate. I started to see the pounds shed as well as
every negative thought I ever had about my life or myself. I started to
change physically, mentally, and spiritually. I fell in love with the process of
learning to love myself and pushing myself harder every day. I loved the
feeling of working out so hard that I felt it for days or sweating so much that
my shirt would look like I went swimming. I found my center, my focus, my
strength, in the gym. Maybe your story is similar to mine or maybe you
have yet to reach a point like this in your life, whatever it is, always
remember to find your motivation and use it as your “true north.” Stay to
your true north and it will never lead you astray. If you are having trouble
finding your motivation, I advise you to try these tips.

1. Surround yourself with people whose vision mirrors yours.

This one seems self-explanatory but I am not only referring to
your friends but family, co-workers, colleagues, you name it! Anyone that
you hang out or work out with. This will not only inspire you but it will keep
you in a good frame of mind and in line with your motivation.

2. Try something new.

If your current routine isn’t working, switch it up! Join a tribe
with the best coaches in the world (Heather and Kelsey)! You will not only
surround yourself with people whose vision mirrors yours but you will also
find a new form of motivation that you may not have had before such as
wanting to make your coaches happy or to have the greatest
transformation in your tribe.

3. Remind yourself of your motivation. Stay focused on your end

For me, I hung up some photos of myself before I started losing
weight to remind myself of where I started. Sometimes I would say it out
loud or write it in my journal, “I never want to be that person again. Good
job. Keep going. You’re doing well. Look how far you’ve come.” A little self
pep talk never hurt anybody and it might just help your mood.
My motivation is my family, my country, and the Americans I serve and
protect. What’s yours?

Ashton Dessert // Ambassador