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Dande and the Lion is launching an Ambassador Search.
 What are we looking for in an Ambassador? You are passionate about what Dande and the Lion stands for including our mission to directly and positively impact as many lives as we can through our love for people, plant-based nutrition & fitness, and overall wellness--physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You are a positive source on all social media platforms and remain professional in all posts. You will be representing our brand just as much as we do! You have natural leadership skills, you take initiative, and you have a passion for people. Building relationships between people and our brand is our goal, and so it will be yours too! Does this sound like you? If yes, keep reading! As our brand Ambassador, you should be well-versed in our programs, meal plans, apparel, and our philanthropy to St. Jude. When someone knows you are an Ambassador with us, you will likely be asked questions and it is expected that you are comfortable answering them in a knowledgeable way! When applying, be as transparent as possible and really show us what being an Ambassador for Dande and the Lion would mean to you!
The application cycle for Ambassadors is CLOSED. Any applications submitted after January 15, 2018 will not be read or considered. Please wait until the next opening!

  • 15% discount on all apparel and programs with a personal code you can share
  • you will receive 8% profit and payout from all sales using your discount code
    • more information will be provided once accepted
  • you can join a Tribe program for half the price of a full enrollment

Ambassador Application

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What skills and qualities do you have that would make you a valuable asset to Dande and the Lion?
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When did you come across our pages? What made you want to follow us?
*This isn't required to be chosen as an Ambassador.* If you have, please specify which program you completed, i.e. Tribe 4, a 6-week program, etc.
*This is not required to be chosen as an Ambassador.* If so, which item(s)? What is your opinion of our products?