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What is Dande and the Lion all about, anyway?

Dande and the Lion is a 100% Vegan company founded on the mission to help people make a lifestyle change, better themselves long term, and help make the world a better place. We do this through workout programs, meal plans, e-books, Ambassador programs, group-based Tribe programs, and apparel. Our company’s charity is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 10% of all proceeds through our website are donated to St. Jude. During September, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we donate 100% of all proceeds. This brings us great pride and joy to be able to do this, and it’s all because of people like you. If you'd like to make a direct donation (can be anonymous) please click here or simply Google "stjude dandeandthelion" and it is the first link! To read about why St. Jude means so much to us, go to the Lylah’s Legacy page.


Through our website, you can purchase a workout program no matter what your fitness level or age is, no matter your specific goals. Whether you’re trying to lean out or bulk up, a complete beginning to working out, a former athlete looking to get back into shape, or a current athlete wanting to level up, we can make an exact plan for you to succeed. We don’t want you to compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20. We want to show you how to make a long term lifestyle change through fitness and plant-based nutrition.


We have customized meal plans available for purchase as well. What is a meal plan? You hear time and time again that fitness is all about what you do and eat in the kitchen--and it is! Taking in all of your information--food preferences, age, height, weight, daily activity level, exercise intensity, allergies--we write up a 15-30 page PDF that has all of your meals and snacks planned out for you for 6 weeks, including grocery lists and step by step instructions on how to cook tofu and tempeh, as well as other things. We will show you how small adjustments yield big time results.


Due to popular demand, we brought along apparel to our website. We always get very excited for new releases and hearing your feedback on what your favorites are, what you’d like to see next, and even things you could really care less about! Feedback yields progress, and that’s what life is about: moving forward. Feel free to email us anytime with questions, concerns, or friendly suggestions -


We run Dande and the Lion, with our three fur babies, completely out of our studio apartment in Northeast Portland, OR. However, we have only called the Pacific Northwest our home since June 2017.


In February 2017, we sat and wrote down “Places We’d Love to Move.” We did this separately so as to not influence each other’s list, but we quickly realized we were in complete agreement: we were moving to the west coast. For the next month or two, Kelsey contacted school districts in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Portland. Next thing we knew, it was April and we were flying to Portland for the Northwest Teaching Convention where Kelsey would land 5 interviews in one day. A couple weeks later she accepted a 1st grade teaching job in Portland and we started to sell and donate most of our belongings. Heather even gave her car away. We were moving out of Mississippi in May with our 3 fur babies and everything we owned in a 2011 Toyota Camry to drive across the country to our new home.


Heather (Lion): I started my journey in fitness four years ago while a Division I athlete at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. What began as a New Year's resolution, quickly became a consuming passion. I knew I had untapped potential in my strength and endurance, as well as my physique. Team workouts weren’t enough; I pushed myself even harder after hours. Often I would do two-a-days “secretly” so I wouldn’t get in trouble with my coaches or trainer for going too hard during season. With a gallon of water attached to my hand and a bag full of healthy food options for those long in-season road trips, I was determined to reach my goals. During this time I interned for professional Sports Psychologist, Brian Cain. The mental strength and techniques I learned from him and my coaches, I now implement into my own programs. It is because of this that I am a Lifestyle Coach rather than a personal trainer. I am pursuing my Masters in Sports Psychology in 2018. My goal for every one of my clients is to learn how to “reroute” in life and in fitness. You will fail, you will make mistakes, and you will often have regrets, but I coach that it’s about minimizing the time you allow yourself to have those thoughts and feelings. You have to forgive yourself and reroute back to success. I am honored and humbled for the opportunity to coach thousands of women, both young and younger, learn how to love themselves and trust the process of becoming the best version of themselves as possible.


Kelsey (Dande): A former Delta State University cheerleader, I had more of a love hate relationship with fitness. Battling with eating disorders (both eating too little and then too much) my weight constantly fluctuated. Through my involvement and presidency of Kappa Delta, I  learned that I wasn't alone. Many girls (and guys) struggle endlessly with their self-esteem, which is then reflected in many ways. After college, I became an elementary teacher and found that these issues were already rooting in my students. I then knew that my purpose was to help instill confidence into those around me while helping them achieve their own dreams. I believe that everyone is unconditionally loved, fearfully and wonderfully made, and imperfectly perfect just the way they are. I desire to have a heart that shines Christ's love, and I have made it my mission to shine that light on others and to plant seeds of positivity everywhere I go.

Together we are Dande and the Lion, and we would be insanely humbled, proud, and blessed to be your coaches!

 Heather (Lion) & Kelsey (Dande) 

Heather (Lion) & Kelsey (Dande) 

 The Little Lion Man: Bodie

The Little Lion Man: Bodie

 The Twins: Otto & Chip 

The Twins: Otto & Chip