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"We are here to help you make a sustainable lifestyle change. This is not a quick fix or a diet. This is to help you transform your body, inside and out, and transform your life. Most people don’t know how great their bodies are supposed to feel - that’s where we come in. We want to teach you how plants healed us, how they can (and will) heal you, and how living in the best shape of your life is realistic and maintainable. No matter where you are in experience or geographically, we will help you every step of the way. You are capable and you are worth it.

Powered by plants,

Heather Pearson

The Dandelion: Some people see a wish, others see a weed. At Dande and the Lion, we see a bundle of wishes. We wish to make a direct impact on the world around us using our passions:  vegan nutrition, fitness, and sustainable, zero-waste living.  We wish to help bridge the gap between your physical and mental strength. We wish to help build your confidence in and out of the gym. You will train like a plant-powered Lion, breaking stereotypes and personal bests. We wish to educate you about the importance of what you eat and how you fuel your body. We wish to encourage you to follow your dreams and passions; whatever they may be.